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Quality Assurance

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Maintaining the fundamental interests of users and focusing on the interests of partners is an important prerequisite to maintain our long-term development, and this kind of "sincere service" concept is particularly important in after-sales services. We solemnly make the following service commitments to all users.

Δ Pre-sales Service
1. Actively provide technical support for customers for free.
2. Learn specific requirements of users for equipment, and recommend the best parameter design and project program based on user process flows.

Δ In-sales Service
1. During the process of product design, modify the design and improve the program in a timely manner according to users’ requirements, so as to best meet and achieve users’ requirements.
2. During the process of product manufacturing, carry out the machining strictly in accordance with the provisions of the contract and the requirements of the drawings, and for a key process, invite users to the site for supervising the production, so as to let customers rest assured and satisfied, and ensure that the pass rate of products reaches 99% or higher and the customer satisfaction rate reaches 95% or higher.
3. Follow the delivery time, to ensure that equipment is put into use on schedule.

Δ After-sales Service
1. Ensure to provide life-long maintenance service for the equipment purchased by users.
2. Ensure to implement the "three guarantees" service for the equipment which involves component damage in the warranty period due to manufacturing quality problems, and provide another one-year warranty for the components from the date of replacement.
3. Provide the equipment parts and wearing parts beyond the warranty period with the best discount and the shortest period.
4. Give a response within 2 hours after receiving users’ notice of fault, and for those having to be solved in the field, we will arrived at the field in 8 to 48 hours according to the distance, and then tell the specific date of fault removing according to failure analysis, until the users are satisfied.
5. Provide targeted theory, operation and maintenance training for the related technical and operating personnel of users by starting from field installation.
6. Build a professional sales service team to accept user's technical consulting on equipment at any time, irregularly pay a return visit to users for their opinions on the use of equipment, and solve the problems of equipment in time.

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